2012 has been a great year for all of us at Bloom Family Wellness Centre.  We are very grateful to our loyal customers and patients.  Here is what you had to say about us!


“Every time I call, the phone is either answered by a very friendly voice, or I leave a message and a very friendly voice calls me back! I really appreciate how helpful everyone is. I see Dr. Wilson for Naturopathy, and she is great. She really cares about helping you, and looks to find and fix the root of the issue, which is important to me.”


“Active people in today’s frantic information stoked societies sometimes encounter credible knowledge gaps and the resulting lack of transformation into applied wisdom.

Most self-reliant people take self-responsibility for their own health and wellbeing but when challenges, technology, and perspective get confusing because of  ”un-wellness”, you may need a professional on your team to listen to your perspective, identify the real issues causing the problems and solve them in a fast and creative manner.

I have been ill for 11 years partially by an undiagnosed case of Lyme disease until I came to Dr. Wilson.  I went to over 100 doctors  here in Canada and the U.S. and over two dozen neurologists, and all but one physician missed it.

WHY? She compassionately listens! Dr Wilson is a proactive problem solver not bound by convention. PERIOD!

Dr. Wilson’s practice is extremely professional and responsive to the needs of all her clients on a daily ongoing basis.  Until you are satisfied, your needs are met.  I owe a debt of gratitude and wish all success to Dr. Wilson and her patients in the future”


“Excellent service, competent health professionals, very pleasant people. I highly recommend Bloom Family Wellness Centre.”


“Dr. Wilson is a lovely person who knows her stuff. She’s a pro at administering prolotherapy on my knees and has been a great help with my hormonal requirements. Thanks so much.”


“Bloom Family Wellness Centre meets all my therapeutic needs. The staff is very friendly and informative when it comes to preventative care. I would highly recommend this clinic to anyone suffering from headaches and muscle ailments.”


“Bloom is a wonderful centre where you can get all of your aches and pains dealt with in the same location!! The staff are amazing, friendly, professional and talented. It is truly a wellness centre.”


“I am always greeted as though the staff are glad to see me. Everyone is personable and professional, often a difficult balance to maintain. The staff appear happy in their work and present a high degree of inter-professional respect and caring for one another. The staff takes a personal interest in their clients as well as demonstrating respect and caring for the community they serve. It’s a pleasure being a client of Bloom.”


“So far my experience has been very good at this clinic. Dr. Wilson has overseen my weight loss of 32 lbs on the HCG diet safely. She also helped me with a chronic ear infection. I am very satisfied and would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Wilson.”


“I like that I have a one stop centre to take care of my health needs. Massages from Karen; Chiro from Mandy and Naturopath from Ayla! All provide me with excellent care! I would highly recommend this centre to take care of your health needs! “