We are very happy to report that we are now carrying Durolane cross-linked hyaluronic acid.  The Durolane injection is administered by Dr Wilson, and provides relief from painful osteoarthritis with a single treatment.  Durolane is only available by doctor’s prescription, but now that we are carrying Durolane in stock, you can have the injection without visiting the pharmacy.

Durolane is an injectable gel, composed of cross-linked, stabilized hyaluronic acid, an important component of synovial fluid/joint fluid.  This fluid acts as a cushion or shock-absorber within the joint, allowing the joint to move freely, and protecting the bone and cartilage surfaces from wear and tear.

Osteoarthritis is considered a degenerative joint disease which develops and progresses slowly over time.  Wear and tear on joint surfaces wear away at the cartilage, and bone surfaces become uneven and pitted.  An osteoarthritic joint lacks sufficient synovial fluid, as the joint “dries out” and the joint space narrows.  Osteoarthritis is a common condition and onset begins in the 30’s and 40’s.

Hyaluronic acid, the vital ingredient within Durolane, is an important component of your joint space.  In a normal joint, hyaluronic acid is broken down and replaced over time; however, in an osteoarthritic joint, hyaluronic acid is broken down much quicker than the body is able to replace it.  Without hyaluronic acid, the joint loses its cushioningand those who suffer from osteoarthritis complain of joint pain, a “bone on bone” sensation, and limited range of motion.

Durolane is a safe, non-animal derived hyaluronic acid that haslow risk for complications, side-effects, or allergic reaction.  There are no contraindications to Durolane treatment.  Durolane effectively relieves pain and restores joint function for up to six months, with a small subset of patients reporting benefits at 9 months.  The Durolane injection is repeated every 6 months for maintenance.

Durolane is approved for treatment of osteoarthritis of the knee, ankle, hip, finger or toe.  Durolane is also recommended to relive joint pain after arthroscopy, within 3 months following the procedure.

What To Expect:

1.  If you are a new patient, book in for a Sport Medicine Initial Consult.  If you are an existing patient of Dr Wilson, book in for a regular Follow-Up Appointment.  This appointment will involve an assessment, discussion of your condition and medical history, and explanation of the procedure.  If you are ready and if Durolane is indicated for you, the procedure can be performed right away at this appointment.

2.  The procedure will involve landmarking the site of injection, sterilizing the area, freezing with anaesthetic, followed by the single Durolane injection.

3.  Following the procedure, the freezing will wear off within 30-60 minutes.  You will be able to walk normally or drive home.  No icing or medications are required following the procedure.

4.  It is recommended to avoid strenuous activity for 2 days after the injection.  Any activity such as jogging, tennis, hiking, etc that place stress on the joint should be avoided for 2 days.  Transient symptoms such as mild pain, swelling or stiffness may occur for up to a week after the injection.  Temporary bruising at the injection site may occur in some patients.