Have you tried coconut water yet? Zico was kind enough to send us a bunch of free samples of their products to try, and so far, the feedback is really good!

What we love about Zico’s Natural coconut water is that it is made from 100% coconut water from real coconuts.  It has a subtle, natural sweetness to it, and contains no extra junk!  Because coconut water is an electrolyte drink that contains 4 essential electrolytes (sodium, magnesium, potassium, and calcium) it a great option for re-hydrating after exercise or the sauna.  The natural level of potassium in coconut water helps to promote muscle recovery after exercise and prevent cramping.  When you sweat, you must replenish your body not just with water, but with the minerals you lose via perspiration.

Zico also gave us some samples of their new flavours to try, and these have been a real hit!  Zico Chocolate and Zico Latte are not only hydrating, they are also very delicious low calorie alternatives to a latte or a chocolate milk.  Both Zico Chocolate and Zico Latte are dairy free, and low in saturated fat.  Zico Chocolate has half the calories as chocolate milk, and it is kid approved!  Zico Latte tastes just like a delicious, creamy latte, but contains no dairy, and half the sugar and calories than your usual store bought latte.  Did you know that a Grande 2% Starbucks latte contains 7 grams of fat?  Well, Zico Latte is twice as good, and contains only 2 grams of fat.

If you would like to try these awesome products, pop on by and ask Dr Wilson for a free sample!

And, try this delicious Zico smoothie recipe:

1 Cup ZICO Chocolate Premium Coconut Water
½ Cup Ice
½ Banana
1 Tbsp. Almond Butter
1 Square of Dark Chocolate (or for the Real Deal, Try a Pinch of Cacao Nibs or a Few Cacao Beans)