woman measuring her waistline for weight loss

Weight Loss Program

Lose up to 0.5-1lb of body fat per day safely and effectively, and keep it off.  This weight loss program is designed to metabolize the body’s fat stores and reset your metabolic rate at the level of the hypothalamus (brain), which along with proper diet, exercise and lifestyle choices, aids in keeping the weight off for good.

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Bio Identical Hormone Prescription

Dr Wilson treats hot flashes, night sweats, fatigue, menstrual cramps, endometriosis, PMS, irritability, ovarian cysts, vaginal dryness, and other female hormonal conditions using bio identical hormones.  These hormones, from plant sources, are the same structure as those present in the female body and can be used safely to correct hormone imbalance.  Hormone testing is also available to monitor treatment with bio identical hormones.

lab testing

Lab Testing

Dr Wilson conducts a variety of lab tests, including food sensitivity testing, urinalysis, digestive analysis and intestinal parasitology, candida testing, heavy metal testing, organic acid tests, gluten and casein peptide tests, neurotransmitter testing, female and male hormone panels, adrenal stress testing, as well as conventional bloodwork and blood nutrient testing.

prolotherapy and sports medicine


Prolotherapy is a nonsurgical treatment for chronic joint pain from sports injury, accident, or osteoarthritis (wear + tear).  Prolotherapy involves injections into joints, ligaments and tendons to promote proliferation of cartilage and connective tissue, and repair of the damaged structures.  Find out more about prolotherapy here.


Detoxification Programs

Our environment and food sources expose us to toxins (PBC’s, heavy metals, hormones, pesticides) every day.  These chemicals accumulate in body tissues and can affect your brain and your immune system.  If you are fatigued, mentally foggy, feeling ‘run-down’, experience frequent headaches, joint or muscle pain, or if you are sensitive to smells (perfumes, cleaners, fumes) or alcohol, this may be a sign that your body’s own detoxification pathways are overburdered.  A detox can improve your liver’s ability to detoxify, and clear out your elimination pathways.  Expect more energy, mental clarity, and reduce your risk of developing chronic disease!

IV therapy needles and ampules

Intravenous (IV) Therapies

IV vitamins and minerals have the highest absorption rate as they bypass digestion.  Common IV therapies that are administered include the Meyer’s Cocktail, Immune IV, Vitamin C IV, and Athlete’s IV.

smoking cessation

Smoking Cessation Program

95% of those who attempt to quit smoking without medical help will not succeed after 6 months.  The smoking cessation program is designed to aid patients who are ready to stop smoking.  This program utilizes lifestyle modifications, detoxification, auricular acupuncture, intravenous therapies, antioxidants and herbal medicine to reduce cravings, remove chemicals from the body, and improve success rates with quitting smoking.

acupuncture needle in back

Acupuncture and Traditional Oriental Medicine

With many centuries of history behind it, traditional oriental medicine is still regarded as mainstream medical care in East Asia and is gaining increasing popularity around the world. Acupuncture, traditional herbs, and moxa are used to regulate the flow of energy (Qi, “Chee”) through the body’s organ systems and meridians.

nutrition services

Clinical Nutrition, Dietary Counseling and Supplementation

A good diet is the cornerstone of health, and making the right dietary choices can prevent and help treat disease. A Naturopathic Physician can help you optimize your diet and choose supplements that cater to your unique needs. Choosing the right diet can help correct fatigue, hyperactivity, skin conditions, anxiety and gastrointestinal disorders.

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Lifestyle Counseling

Naturopathic Physicians are trained to help you bring balance back into your life. Whether you are a busy mom or you have a demanding job, finding time for everything that’s important can be difficult to fit in. Naturopathic Doctors view health as a lifestyle, and treat the mental and emotional components of a disease, not just the physical.

botanical medicine

Botanical Medicine

Plant extracts in the form of tinctures (alcohol extract) or tea (water extract) can be used to treat many medical conditions and support overall health. Plants contain nutrients as well as constituents with medicinal actions. In contrast to pharmaceutical medications where only 1 or 2 active constituents are used, botanical medicines contain many other synergistic compounds that naturally occur within the plant.